Thursday, April 8, 2010

Resource BOOKS List for Vintage, Antiques & Collectibles

This one is in it's Infant stage right now, but it will be expanding and growing as I gather more information and get more recommendations for books to add. I am trying to stick to only highly recommended books.

If you know of a very helpful book to add to this list, please let me know.


General Era Research:

  • Dover Series of Clothing Pages from Sears Catalogs, Sorted by Era:
    "Everyday Fashion 1909-1920"
    "Everyday Fashion of the Twenties"
    "Everyday Fashion of the Thirties"
    "Everyday Fashion of the Forties"
    "Everyday Fashion of the Fifties"
    "Everyday Fashion of the Sixties"

  • The Collector's Book of Fashion by Frances Kennett

  • Fifty Years of Fashion, New Look to Now, by Valerie Steele

  • Through the Looking Glass, A History of Fashion from 1860 to the Present Day, by Elizabeth Wilson Lou Taylor

  • 20th Century Fashion by Valerie Mendez and Amy De La Haye

General Overview of Designers:

  • New York Fashion: The Evolution of American Style by Caroline Rennolds Milbank

  • Fashion: The Century of the Designer 1900-1999 by Charlotte Seeling

  • Costume Design in the Movies by Elizabeth Leese (not very pic heavy but a comprehensive guide to who designed for specific films)

  • The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers

Fashion and Sewing Terms and Definitions:

  • A Dictionary of Costume and Fashion, Historic and Modern by Mary Brooks Picken

  • The Farichild Dictionary of Fashion by Charlotte Mankey Calasibetta and Phyllis Tortora

  • The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers

Fabric and Textile Terms and Identification:

  • A Dictionary of Textile Terms (booklet, published by Dan River, Inc)


  • Vintage Hats & Bonnets 1770-1970 by Susan Langley

  • Women's Hats of the 20th Century for Designers & Collectors by Maureen Reilly & Mary Beth Detrich

  • The Century of Hats: Headturning Style of the Twentieth Century by Susie Hopkins

Hawaiian Clothing:

  • Aloha Attire, Hawaiian Dress in the Twentieth Century by Linda B. Arthur

Western Clothing:

  • How the West Was Worn by Holly George-Warren and Michelle Freedman

Undergarments, Foundations and the History of Body Shape in Fashion:

  • Corsets and Crinlones by Nora Waugh

  • Support and Seduction, A History of Corsets and Bras by Béatrice Fontanel


China, Glass and Ceramics:

  • Gene Florence books

  • Colored Glassware of the Depression Era by Hazel Weatherman

Mid Century Furniture and Design:

  • Scandinavian Modern Furnishings 1930 -1970: Designed For Life by Michael Ellison and Lisa Piña

  • The Sourcebook of Modern Furniture by Jeryll Habegger and Joseph H. Osman

  • Millers 20th Century Design by Judith Miller


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